Well, after good 6 years it's now time for me to honour this great game finally! And - it remains a musical delicacy!

User Rating: 9.6 | System Shock 2 PC
System Shock 2 is together with his older brother from 1994 (hunting Shodan at Citadel) still one of my absolute favourite games. Despite of the fact that the game brought me some desperate situations, especially at the end when I had to kill this annoying brain of "the Many". Here I admit humbly that I failed (the only great game I wasn't able to finish). I don't know whether this was a bug or only my own unskilfulness.

When it came out, SS 2 was like its predecessor a revolutionary game. It brought great graphics, a brillant story and a magnificent atmosphere. Definitely awesome was its industrial trip hop sound. I hardly remember any game during all those years which could compete with it musically, I would list only the good old Quake with the soundtrack from Trent reznor and maybe Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodlines with music from great Goth-bands.

It's a immense pity that Looking Glass Studios doesn't exist anymore. Every game they've made was a masterpiece - it the System Shock or the Thief series. I hope the programmers will continue in solo projects of similar quality.