You will be playing this game instead of eating or sleeping

User Rating: 9.7 | System Shock 2 PC
I see that they have cleared out the dozens and dozens of reviews
that raved about this game. Fair enough. They needed to open up
more hard disk space in their servers. I just wanted you to know
that if you don't play this game, you are missing a game that I
and many others enjoyed even more than Half Life. In fact, I have
no doubts that had Half Life not been made that year, this would
have been the Game of the Year in most publications (instead of
just some of them) It truly has a cult following and if you stick
with it long enough to learn it you will see why. I still think it's
the most enjoyable game I've ever played. The key? Total Immersion. You
will be 'IN' this game. You will laugh, you will cuss, you will
jump out of your seat and feel real fear. You will spend alot of time
mulling over how to spend scarce resources. You will feel like a kid
at the fireworks stand with your own paltry hard-earned money deciding
which fireworks to buy. Remember that thrill? Don't wait until the
graphics become so dated that it looks like 'Doom' to you. It's still
nice to look at and the sound is the best I have ever experienced.
Gamers who have played this game are reading this and nodding their heads.