New to the game? DON'T GIVE UP!

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I bought this game in 2000, still have my huge ass original box and CD.

I had a hard time getting into it at first, it freaked me out for one thing, and the interface was somewhat cumbersome compared to things I'd played before. I was not much of an RPG type and I hadn't played a lot of stuff with such a detailed inventory, etc.

If you just got this game on GoG, PLEASE stick with it. It's fantastic. Load it up with what mods you can to make it look better for you if you must... but please see it through to the end. Likewise with Thief 1 and 2, please play them.

These games are absolutely phenomenal if you can get past their age and such.

Deus Ex 1 likewise. I feel so lucky that I played Thief 1 and 2, Deus Ex, and System Shock 2 while they were still new or only a couple of years old. I know it's hard to stomach games of that age now for a lot of people, but I bereeve in you Kyle, you can do it.

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I spend years trying to find an original boxed version of the game with no luck. Thanks to GoG I now finally own the game! Played Shock2 back in 99, one of the few games I have played thru to the end several times over. And since the GoG purchase I am playing thru it again... currently running around on deck 4. As the last time (about 2 years ago) when I played thru the game I use the SHTUP and Rebirth mods.

The first System Shock games was just as good, love Shock2... one of the best games ever made. The Bioshock games are good as well, looking forward to the 3rd Bioshock... but they don't come close o Shock2!

I agree with this post... stick to it! If you have never played Shock2... go get it from GoG! Great game...

System Shock 2 along with Wizardry 8, X-COM (first and third X-COM) and especially Jagged Alliance 2 are classic games I play thru again every now and then. Also have a game of the 1st Des Ex going... some cool graphics mods for Deus Ex as well. 

I played the Thief games as well back then, great games... but I'm not a big fan of stealth games, simply cause I'm no good at them! I did rather enjoy Dishounered though...