A Big Classic

User Rating: 9 | Syphon Filter PS
After I was finish with Metal Gear solid my life was emty because there will never come a game again like MG.
But I was wrong there was a game full of sniper and tactical spionage and the name was Syphon Filter.
This game is one of the best games on playstation, and even today many years after it still rocks.
The gameplay do everything right and much better than Tomorow never dies and Mission Impossible...not because they are bad games, but in Syphon Filter you really feel you are a secret Agent a la James Bond.
The only negative I can say is the grapfic it is not impressive at all, the color is braun and grey...boring to look at.
The sound is just okey but nothing to write home about..it is just acceptable.
But the gameplay is fantastic so you can forgive all the other negative parts of the game.
This game is one og those you will remember and go back to again and again.