User Rating: 9.5 | Syphon Filter PS
I Think this game was the best game that i played in the playstation one i enjyoed all Syphon Filter's Expect this new one for Playstation 2.. the syphon filter was one of the best adventure's games action that was maded for the sony playstation 1 in the year 1999 i dont remember but the game that was played 2 from myself was the GTA 2 no matter but the gameplay was great nice all good things for the gameplay i played this game every day in all the day it was good ... the graphic's was very nice maded too in the first mission you was with some other i think .. US Soldiers that was great when i saw the fightin the crime heh. =) .. the sound was nice but it could be better .. value of this game for attribute its high 9 i prefer it from myself so i can say again the best game that was for the Platstation 1 Console was the Syphon Filter .. now lookin 4 the future (GTA SAN ANDREAS) .. thanks ..