Looking for a great FPS for the PSP? Look no further 'cos here it is ! SF LS is one spectacular game packed into a UMD.

User Rating: 9 | Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow PSP
Lets just get this straight. SFLS is absolutely stunning in every aspect possible, and im going to list it down for u one-by-one. Simply said, ...

1. Responsive controls n well-placed hotkeys.
2. Visuals are stunning. ( Better than SOCOM )
3. Tons of unlockables that makes replaying all the more worthwhile.
4. Beautiful cutscenes. ( FF7 is better tho" , but still its terrific )
5. Nicely laid plot.
6. Underwater combat is great fun.
7. Audios are amazing. ( Earphones pls :D )
8. A multitude of modes are present. ( Mission mode enables u to replay past missions with weapons u have unlocked for better ratings )
9. A variety of ways to dispose ur enemies. ( U can even shock them into oblivion )
10. Lovely goggles that offer 4 different views of ur surroundings. ( ESDU - objective-locator goggles, Infrared - reveals enemies via body heat, Nightvision - enables u to see in the dark, and flashlight - a flashlight xD )

1. Should've included alternative routes as well like SOCOM. ( Nvm tho xD )
2. AI couldve been better. ( But still its fairly smart . eg. if not under suppresing fire, they will charge into u n blast ur head off )

As u can see, the good far outweighs the bad. So, it IS a decent game and I'l recommend it to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Btw, I love SFLS. xD ( especially when u headshot someone - so damn satisfying )