User Rating: 9.5 | Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow PSP
Syphon filter logan's shadow a sequence to the dark mirror which is already a hit.The most amazing thing about the games in syphon filter series is the reality of game and graphics!
Besides having great graphics.gameplay is also equally awesome!
playing through different levels you play in a wide range of areas and even underwater which I loved.The introduction to the game when you are in a helicopter above the ship was quite impressive start indeed. You are allowed to cling to objects and observe enemy attacks to make your turn at the right time,Moreover the spy lenses too that it provides add to the fun and excitement of the game as a detective shooter.
Every hard core tactical shooter fan must have this game on his PSP.

The story line of the game is somewhat weak and awkward(did'nt really bother me) and if u dont really find third person shooter interesting you may think that the gameplay is slightly repetitive at some parts . Overall its an epic shooter and deserves 9.5/10