One of the last good games in ps2 era !

User Rating: 8 | Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow PS2
It was my last game in PS2, and that's why I have good memories of this. There is a lot of action, correct graphics, great locations, inmersive music, some interesting extras, and the great gabe logan that never dissapoints you. The effects of water are really good and looks like a last generation game, the duration is ok, it's must to be longer but anyway, and the closure of the game is epic. It's a little different of past games of the series but it's outstanding, and you won't want to finish it. We've had great moments with this console and we have to aprecciate it. You have to play this because Syphon Filter is PlayStation and PlayStation is Syphon Filter, and it's says goodbye with honors. Enjoy every moment, every level, every last breath of ps2........thanks ps2 :( in peace