Wow! Amazing in almost every way

User Rating: 9.5 | Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow PSP
First of all i like to tell you that i am new to the syphon filter series. Before i got the game, i was hungry for a shooter on the PSP. Seeing SF: Logan's Shadow, i was amazed.

Graphics 9/10 :
The graphics are spectacular on the PSP. Very good, detailed textures makes the game epic! Really impressed me.

Gameplay 9/10 :
Great gameplay! Good mechanics and physics of the game. AI of COM is also satisfying. A huge variety of weapons and unlockables. Campaign has good replay value. All of this make it addicting.

Multiplayer 9.5/10 :
This is were the game shines. Multiplayer is just amazing. I played it with a friend and absolutely loved it. Great variety of maps, weapons and games modes ( TDM, Death match, sabotage). I really really liked the multiplayer.

So overall the game is the best shooter on the PSP. Epic in almost every way. As i said before...........Amazing! 9.7/10