Enemies not aggressive enough - story is nonsense - game is short - no enemy variety.

User Rating: 8 | Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow PSP
For $20 this game is alright. The controls have changed from Dark Mirror. In Logan's Shadow the user must manual aim the gun. After you get used to the aim, the game becomes extremely easy. All you have to do is hide behind a box or a wall and snipe the enemy. Also your health automatically regenerates. When you get hurt, just hide for 10 seconds and you are back to full health.

The story doesn't make any sense. The cut scenes are still really well done and look amazing. The variety of missions is okay, but the game is VERY SHORT - much shorter than Dark Mirror. I think I finished the game in just over 10 hours and I'm not a hard core gamer. All the enemies are the same too. The bonus material is not as fun as Dark Mirror.

Overall, good game but too short and easy. Dark Mirror is the better game.