The Best PSP game to date, no questions asked

User Rating: 10 | Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow PSP
Wow, where to begin, i coulden't even imagine this game to be as good as it is. The Campagin is much more detailed, and the most fun i've had playing ANY video game since resident evil 4 and metal gear solid 3. But that's just the campaign, the online multiplayer is also improved dramtically, there's WAY more maps, game types, and classes. It does indeed take time to rank up online, but its so fun you won't be able to stop.

There's a new Terroist Leader blah blah blah gotta stop him, you think "wow oh biggie, another terroist plot, stop him, save world, etc. WRONG, this game's plot has so many twists and turns you will be questioning everyone you work with throughout it. It's also a much much longer story than in the first game, and trust me you'll be wanting to play it numerous times to check out everything and to redo all the fun stuff.

Best looking portable game i've ever seen, no joke, the character models are a tad better, but the backrounds and landscapes are simply amazing, this game looks better than an average PS2 game, and could even match up with ps3. The Water looks amazing, as good as a ps3 game no doubt, when your swimming, come up to the surface for a minute and look at the water, you'll be blown away. And when your online, the graphics don't downgrade at all, it's very impressive.

Fantastic, everyone sounds great, it sounds like the people talking are really talking, doesn't sound like voices were recorded in, looks like the characters are actually speaking, everything fits, the mouth movement and face reactions, all looks incredible.

Don't even start, by far the best part of the game, let me start off with the new features.
-Using enemies as Human Shields
-Underwater battles
-variety of new weapons.
-Quicktime button presses
When playing this game, i have adreneline going through me at parts, its that intense, and soooo fun, last night i planned on going to bed around 11 to get some sleep, ended up playin till 2, didn't even look at the time. And i didn't want to quit, just wanted to keep playing.
Also throughout the game a button will pop up on screen(triangle,square,circle,or x). You have to press it really fast such as in God of War, or Spider-man 3, or Resident Evil 4, and Gabe will do a cool attack, or trick.When your using enemies as human shields, once your done, You select to kill them and a button will pop up fast and you press it and Gabe will kill them in an awesome way, such as slitting throat, or snapping neck, or even kicking them in the stones. I'm probably leaving out many amazing things, but the bottom line is to get this game, no matter what, just get it, no matter how good you think it is, it will exceed your will