wow this game has havok physics!

User Rating: 9 | Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow PSP
I think the best thing that makes this game even better is the high production quality. I mean, the gameplay in syphon filter is a standard spy/fps but it's boosted by all the next-gen graphical effects like a physics engine and some real cool water ripple fx! when you kill enemies in the water their corpse floats! objects too! also the environments are really well done, like in the early missions you fight through a huge boat that has large billows of smoke coming out of it and you get to do underwater missions which is cool. the different visors all come in really handy for seeking out different types of things like items ammos and enemies, i like how they balanced it out so you would really have to strategize and switch from visor to visor. The battles are really engaging and not mindless shooting. The music is really different from the first, its got an Oriental atmospheric theme to it and it reminds me of 24, i like how it strays away from the spy gadget theme. I like how in addition to the story mode there are other features like the special ops preview that you can play and make maps for online play.