BEST psp game!!!!!!!!!

User Rating: 10 | Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow PSP
OMG!!!!!!! one of the best psp games ever played. There is nothing bad about this. ppl who thinks this game suks ur just plain dumb. Graphics are perfect. Weapons could be a little better but still awesome.Best OVER all!!!!!! INFRASTRUCTURE!!!!!!!!!!! BEst online game ever no denies. JUSt 1 problem those stupid hakers!!!!!!!!!! I hatem freeze ur psp killing u thru walls it suks. But overall no rip offs. Levels are are a little long but still beatable. But once u beat it u dont feal the need to beat it a again. thats y u need infrastructure. UR primarys are awesome. m60, m16, femas wich really suks and 1 more i forgot but anyways use the m16 for like large missions. if u have internet and u find a room called sand war use the m60 its not that big.ppl who read this review username-Delta_snake.
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