It's O.K. Enough said.

User Rating: 7.5 | Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow PSP
Syphon Filter:Logan's Shadow is a third-person shooter. The graphics and environments are generally good but have a very grainy look. Voice acting is bad and gunfire sounds pathetic. The story is average. The gameplay? Well, it is pretty solid. You basically slam your back against a nearby wall whenever you see an enemy and shoot. It's fun, but that's all you do in terms of combat. A large amount of weapons, the occasional button-pressing minigame, and cool level designs saves this this game from total failure. But other than, I pretty much said everything there is to know about this game. Take cover, shoot. Play minigame. Repeat, repeat. The amazing level structures is all that makes this game interesting. You'll attempt to plant a c4 on a tank slowly while being fired at, destroy a submerged submarine with a pistol, and use teamwork with an AI partner to down an enemy helicopter. It's a good game, but the gameplay just feels old. To sum it up, this game is only for hardcore shooter fans.