With a great shooter, it comes with great cinematics.

User Rating: 8.5 | Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow PSP
Is my tagline cheesy? I think so too. Anyway that wraps up my whole opinion of Logan's Shadow. I'm quite a fan of the series so I may be biased too. For a game dedicated only to the PSP, full cinematics are uncommon given the limited budget and hardware memory alike, but the series' developers just have to satisfy their fans. There's at least one every mission and this feature really enhances the action-packed experience and entertainment factor of this game. Also, check out the mandarin speaking babe in some of the clips while you're at it.

The underwater theme here really works in adding more variety in the way Syphon Filter is played, and is equally as engaging as the usual fair. The new weapons probably doesn't add much to the overall tactics but the gameplay itself is still a blast to engage in. Though the levels are compact, they're very well-designed with lots of hidden nooks for you to explore, especially to look for the hidden evidences.

In my opinion, Logan's Shadow proved that the series will always be hot and gain more fans hopefully for the next installment to be better.