Great single player but i only wish i could say the same about the online.

User Rating: 7.5 | Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow PSP
Syphon Filter: Logans Shadow is a great single player third person shooter experience but its not as good as i hoped.

Single Player: It was fun and better than the first Syphon Filter for the psp called Dark Mirror. Logans Shadow pulls you into the story more than Dark Mirror did. This game has 6 episodes with 4-5 parts in each plus there are bonus levels you can play in. They decided to add swimming into this game's single player and online.

Infastructure: Is fun but if you already have the first one and you are looking for better online, then here is not the place to find it. Everybody you play against and beat they have the option to quit the game in between the 2 rounds and they usually do. If they quit in between rounds, you get none of the exp on your record and you just waisted 10 minutes of your life. The swimming is a great addition as well as the knives. There are a few new places added but most of the places are from the first one. They took the awards out of this game that they had in the first one.

Overall if you have no online and want a good single player game, this is the one you get but if you have online and you want an ok single player with great online game then get Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror.