Great visuals are only rivaled by it's amazing gameplay.

User Rating: 9 | Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow PSP
I'd just like to say that if you can not play online, then subtract 1.0 from the final score I give the game. The game has a single player that it worth playing, and is over-all a fun time, but up-close combat is clunky, although usualy you kill the enemy from afar, so this dosen't interfear much. The visuals are great, but not amazing, they are above standard. The gun-play is very satisfying and very fun over-all. Now for visuals in-depth. The levels are detailed, but when you get up-close it dosen't look so nice. The visuals do feel a little robotic , and you move a little slow. Also animation isn't extra-ordinary. But the visuals get the job done, and there are small things that help, and hurt the visual flow. Somethings like shooting a compressed air tank and watching it fly off the wall, and explode next to some enemys flinging them through the air, and realy entertaining and impressive. But then again, the explosions themselves are very bad looking and low-res smoke hurts. But still overall I give VISUALS a 8.5. Gameplay is what shines, the controls are usualy very tight and responsive and the weapons are well balenced online. If the up-close combat were more responsive and if turning were a little easier I would have no complaints. So GAMEPLAY gets a 9.0. Sound is kinda......well the music is hate or love, it dosen't match the action 80% of the time, and the sound effects are par at best, your guns sound weak, and voice acting is laughable. SOUND gets a 6.0. But the game has alot to offer in the way of things to do. It has tons of unlockables, a fairly long single-player, multiple difficulties and most impressive is the extremely balenced and addictive online multiplayer, so LASTING APPEAL gets a 10.0 from me. And this isn't and average, but I give the game an overall of a 8.5. Don't forget to subtract 1.0 if you don't have online, because thats where half of the lasting appeal comes from, and over all you will probably be happy this your purchase.