User Rating: 7.5 | Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow PSP
There aren't many 3rd person shooter on the PSP out there. And if you love shooters in general, then you might want to add this to your collection. In my opinion, Logan's Shadow has nothing special but it is an enjoyable romp anyways.

I find the story pretty much shallow. You find one of your crew dead in the first mission but it feels like...well...uhhh...anyways, moving on. And there's the final boss fight, it leaved me disappointed. After going through six missions and all I get was some lame fight. But maybe I was expecting too much. Logan's Shadow feels like an action movie, where you concentrate on the action and the story can be totally ignored. Really, you can.

You have 3 control schemes to choose from. One would have you moving using the analog stick and the face buttons for aiming and camera control. In my opinion, this is the optimal setting. But don't expect to aim smoothly, since the face buttons can't really replace the smooth and precise controls of an analog stick. Still, it allows you to be precise when giving headshots. The second one is having the face buttons for movement and analog sticks for aiming/camera control. Last one is auto-lock, good for those who wants mayhem.

Gabe Logan, your agent, has a lot of tricks in his hands. He can climb, fire behind cover, etc. as expected from any lead character from any other action games out there. Get too close on an enemy and you can grab him, using him as a human shield or you can execute him on the spot. Equip a knife+run to enemy = easy kill. And there are times when Gabe can execute...uhh...cool executions. For example, if you're close to a ledge or rail, instead of slashing a hostage's throat Gabe will instead throw him overboard. There other moves besides this but sadly, there are far too few spots where you can execute this kind of movements.

As for the weapons, there are plenty to choose from and you can carry four of them at once. You can really see what Gabe is carrying. There's always that one special weapon an agent always carry(like Sam Fisher). It's a sniper rifle of some kind which carries 4 different kinds of ammo. It's kinda fun to try it out on enemies.

Logan's Shadow has clear-cut ghrapics for a PSP game. And the sounds. It is worth mentioning. I like what they did to the BGMs. It's not memorable but it clearly sets the mood of the game. I'd give it 10/10.

Replay Value.
Lots to do after beating story mode. There's mission mode, where you can replay missions you've just finished in the story. You can also select which part of the mission you'll start. There are weapons and achievements to unlock. Expect to try using only a knife to finish one part of the mission. There are extras to unlock by collecting hidden files scattered throughout each missions. And then there's the special mission. You should see this. It shows how the game is made. I'ts generally a fan service.

There's combat ops. Idk much but it's still on its demo/beta stage. It's nice of them to include it in the main package. It's basically a PVP game. You could also create your own map. Map-editing is limited but still worth noting.

I therefore conclude that Syphon Filter is an enjoyable game. It doesn't reall stand out, in my opinion. But still, how many games like this can you find in a handheld?