The best game on the PSP so far

User Rating: 10 | Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow PSP
This game is fully action packed. I just got this game and I am already hooked on the story line. The training was also fun and the multiplayer mode is good (even though i haven't played multiplayer.) I like the many ways that you could kill people and the combat tactics. I just go and kick ass even tough i already died once. This is the best PSP game since its predecessor Syphon FIlter: Dark Mirror. I like the way the voice is and the stuff that you could unlock. The weapons in this game are realistic and kick ass. You could get guns, knives, and other gadgets like a flashlight which is helpful. I learned about this game on the internet and i was eager to get it, and since i have it, my goal was accomplished. I like this game and other people should get this game because it is fun as hell.