One of the best espionage video games

User Rating: 10 | Syphon Filter 2 (Platinum) PS
Syphon Filter 2 is a huge improvement over the original, because of more levels, more enemies, stealth missions, better story etc. Game has over 20 levels, spanned over two discs. Length is also pretty good for a fast game like this. Graphics are just like in original (except here they seem a bit more polished). Difficulty is a bit more higher in this game (and probably the highest of all Syphon Filters). Enemies now can shoot you in the head, and sometimes, when you need to run for cover, it can be quite challenging (but fun nonethless). Interesting is also, that you can also be in the role of Lian Xing, Gabe's partner. Gameplay doesn't change much with her around, (and also there is a gap where instead of main hero, you need to navigate with Lian through the levels.) but she has one of the best leves in Moscow, where all hell breaks loose on the streets. Back when I got this game I was all like ''Holy ****
Story also is one of the strong points. Story was good in original, but in this sequel it is a bit more intriguing. Story more resembles 24 than James Bond (strange considering this came before 24). So if you like a good espionage shooter, pick this game right now.