Woooaaaahhhhh!!!! What a game!!!! Reminds me of the Operation Winback/Perfect Dark days!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Syphon Filter 2 (Platinum) PS
Hmmm.....this is an interesting little thing!!!!

I am not the one to opt for army/war games...but something about the gameplay drew me to it...I think it was the Operation Winback (N64) type of gameplay that drew me to it...and of course, it was a bargin!!!!!

True the grahocs are a bit shoddy and angular....but PS1 was not like a PS2/PS3 those days, so you had to bear with the current appearances of games at the time...but I think the actual gameplay outsmarted these factors, and made me sit down and have go at it....

You may play the role of two investigators who see, to be constantly persued by a common enemy...this may be from the cold mountains to suburbian streets.....you also have the fun of blasting your enemies to smitherines using various weapons....and of course theres the associated splattering of blood hither dither!!!!

The mission objectives are clearly stated...you have to get to certain checkpoints....obatining items, clearing pathways, killing enemies, etc....and there is a good little map to help you on your way!!! It even shaows the way you are facing (see Parasite Eve 2) so that if you seem to be getting lost, you know where you took the wrong turn.....but you have to be very wary sometimes, especially in the first level, where enemies may suddenly skydive outta nowhere to attack you, or some may hurl bombs at you while you are not looking...so dont just go around indulging the surrounding scenery!!!! Again, like Extermination, I have so far only played part of the first level...but I am sure the game will get even more exciting and innovative as the levels progress....and also, it is again another one of those gems that is under rated....true the game play and menu graphics are not the stuff of dreams....but you have to look beyond that.....nothing is 100% perfect.....I have not played any previous or forthcoming SF games, but this is one I will really enjoy!!!!