The game was pretty awesome for its time

User Rating: 8.5 | Syndicate AMI
I enjoyed this game so much, i try to play it again everyone once in a while when I'm bored. It's future like game that almost reminds me of the fifth element movie, but on a smaller scale. This game would be amazing if it was remade and done well.

Basically the idea of customizing the biological implants of the human body was such an amazing idea, it gave the feel of creating super soldiers. The weapon selection was interesting, the AI was a little weird, as if you where walking around with a tracker on you all the time. The idea of controlling 4 people at once got tricky, thankfully you can shrink that down to 1, but with 4 people if you only lose 3 of them you can keep going. You were able to go into buildings but they roof would not go transparent, thus making it difficult to navigate. I would rate this as best game concept in the world

The feel and look of the game was cool and the future world in the game is so very neat.

Recommended for those someone looking for a classic strategy future shooter