One of a kind! Ass-kickingly Awesome! Unbeatable!! MUST BUY AND PLAY!!!!

User Rating: 10 | Syndicate PC
Well, in 1993 you didn't expect such a gob-smackingly good game to be made and published then did yer! But Bullfrog came up with the goods, infact this is one of my favorite games, its unbeatable it was Revolutionary! It was a awesome game, i wish they made another, however what is so good about this cyber-punk Stratgey game then? Well its one of a kind, its funny killing all those icoennts and getting away with it! Stealing an APC or car to complete your mission whilst knocking down enemy agents! I have to say, some of the best fun you could get in 1993, it was like RISK but instead you had to make the conquest succeed! You had to research new weaponary and cyborg upgrades to improve your Cyborgnetic Agents to make sure they deliver an ass-kicking blow to the enemy and the local police if they are around! But theres more to just killing on this game, you had a certain mission to complete to take over that part of the world, for example you may have to a enemy scienist to help your R&D boys back in the base! Or assinate an governor or enemy specialist, they is so much in this game to do, but should you completely own the enemy and unite the world under your corporation's name then you might want to try Syndicate American Revolt, but be warned American Revolt is really hard and is only for the Syndicate Pros!