Excellent, A True classic

User Rating: 9.2 | Syndicate PC
When i was just a wee lad (Give or take) I remember starting my gaming experience with the likes of Doom, C&C and Sonic the Hedgehog but among these all time greats was the game of Syndicate.

Created by Bullfrog (Populous, Theme Park, Theme Hospital, Power monger, Dungeon keeper) this game holds a special place in my heart.
Set in a world where Crime syndicates have taken over by use of the chip (A microchip implanted into peoples nervous systems to make them believe the world is all happy happy instead of the acid rain, poisonous atmosphere, corrupted stink hole that it actually is) You as the young and inexperienced executive of a small Europeon syndicate will lead your squad of genetically superior cyborg agents to domination of the world. (From the safety of your own personal airship of course.)

Of course this isnt just a walk in the park no, the police, private armies and even rival syndicate agents will attempt to impede your waltz to world domination. As you work your way further into the game you must develop new technologies in order to stay ahead of your rivals. Technologies such as Miniguns, Lasers, Gauss rifles, Personal shields and Cybernetic Implants for your agents.

Then deploy your Agents into different parts of the world wearing their long trenchcoats and covered from head to toe in weaponry in order to wrestle the territory away from your rivles. Your Agents in the mission (4 in total) will require you to direct them and give them orders on how to execute their mission to their top effectiveness. Whether you choose the sneaky approach or just to run in guns blazing in a fury of blood thirsty rampaging lead flinging masacre of a gun fight... ahem...

Despite the graphics and sound being dated (Hell its a decade and three years old) the brilliance and overall blowing-upiness that some of the firefights come into is unparrelled in even some modern games, theres nothing like seeing your 4 agents being horded from all sides by maybe 50 rival agents and still managing to hold their own thanks to their weaponry and implants.

A Huge deciding factor in a firefight is also your ability to control the circulation of drugs in your cyborgs bodies (Such as Adrenaline affecting your agents speed and reaction times and others which affect their intelligence (How they react to the situation) and perception (How accurate they are while shooting)) can turn your cyborg agents into lead spewing killing machines (Quite literally) for a short time one of your agents may be able to hold of 15 of your rival's on his own given the right equipment and abit of luck.

Truely this game is one of the best of its kind. It was a brilliant and innovative squad based massacre thingies in its day and in my eyes will always remain that way... unless someone decideds to remake it.... Hint hint.