An often overlooked PC classic.

User Rating: 9 | Syndicate PC
I was (and still am) a big fan of movies like Blade Runner (director's cut), books like Neuromancer, and other dark sci-fi future works. Consequently, this game was a real treat for me. It takes place in a not-too-far-off future where corporations effectively ARE the governments (hmmm...), Gibson-esque mind-enhancing tech is prevalent, and said corporations vie for control of the planet. In Syndicate, you play as one of the corporations (which you can name and set a logo for yourself). You have a team of up to four "agents", which are essentially your biomechanically enhanced elite soldiers. There is an overall map of the different territories across the world that you need to dominate through tactical missions that you send your team on. The missions take place in very cool near-future urban environments. The interface is a sort of top-down number. The fun part here is the weapons and tools that your agents can wield. There's a persuadatron device that lets you take control of the minds of the various citizens walking around, and once you get enough fo those, you can even bring the cops under your control! The citizens will even pick up guns as you go along, if your syndicate team has full inventories. Weapons include a pistol, shotgun, uzi, minigun, flame thrower, and something called a gauss gun which is just a blast (literally). You'll have to research most of these weapons to use them, as well as researching the various cybernetic modules that you can upgrade your syndicate team with. The opposing companies' syndicate soldiers are the only real challenging enemies here, and they can really make your life difficult as they'll throw the same kinds of weapons and upgraded cybernetic bodies at you, but there will be many more of them than your team of four to deal with. I think it would be great if they would make a modern adaptation of this great title. Until then, I'll still be playing it every so often on my DOS gaming machine.