Syndicate is a very original, very appealing and very addicting.

User Rating: 8.7 | Syndicate PC
The future is pretty grim. Armed gangsters run around and gun down anyone who gets in their way, drugged up goons shoot people with the drugs they themselves have been subjected to, and order is all but present.

Syndicate is a sci-fi strategy game in which you are the newest member of a crime syndicate looking to take over, well, the whole world. These guys are serious. You take command of up to 4 different cyborg agents and go about the world in a sort of Dune-esq territory conquer map set to little old Earth. You take up missions from assassinations, to "persuasions", to just rampant destruction. All the while, trying to spread the influence of your syndicate throughout the world. You kill civilians, police troopers and other syndicate members to further your cause, as well you have a "persuadertron" you can convert these poor sheep to join you and provide some extra gunfire. There is nothing better than seeing an entire city of people follow you blindly, even to their deaths.

Your agents acquire weapons when dropped by those you have killed or through researching technology, basically, you research something and pour funds into it to hasten the advance of the selected technology. Over time, the upgrades complete and give you weapons from Uzis, Lasers and Rocket Launchers. You can also upgrade your agents with certain cyborg body parts, enhanced parts that make your agent a little bit better like a Brain, Eyes, Heart, Chest, Arm and Legs; each with their own advantages, like an upgraded brain will improve your "persuasion" range and strength and an upgrade chest puts a bomb ito your agents and lets you make them self-destruct in case of emergencies, always useful in tough situations. Syndicate is a very original, very appealing and very addicting, get it, play it, love it.