Futuristic strategy blast-em-up!

User Rating: 9.8 | Syndicate AMI
A fantastic game of it's time Syndicate...it had so many attributes that I love about subsequent games!

You controlled a group of maniac cyborgs intent on owning all the territories in the world!

The missions are differing, from assassination to rescue to kill everything!

You choose what weapons and parts to allocate to your cyborg crew before they head out into the mission zone, where you encounter the general public, armed forces, the police and opposing Syndicate cyborgs along with a few others, you can drive vehicles or merely just blow them up.

Watching the general public run around on fire was quite satisfying in a bizarre way, as was attempting to kill absolutely everyone on the level...but eventually playing the game is far more gratifying, (much the same as chasing the public round in performance vehicles in Grand Theft Auto 3, though fun, isn't quite as good as playing the game).

Another Amiga classic I would really like to play again!