Why hasn't this game been remade yet? The concept and execution were stellar and the carnage was unmatched.

User Rating: 9.2 | Syndicate PC
I can remember the day on a Civil Engineering expedition while standing with my group and taking elevations using a theodolite to take elevation measurements when a discussion of PC gaming was initiated. One of the guys I didn't really know told us about this amazing game where you control a squad of four and run on missions to take over control of different territories.

That didn't sound all that great until he explained how you can blow everything and everybody up! Complete and total carnage! Blood and guts were depicted in pixels like it was nobodies business and the weapons...OH THE WEAPONS! This was not Duke Nukem or Doom...this was something ENTIRELY different. This guy, Stu, got alot of respect from us after we played Syndicate as we all had something to talk about on each of our field surveys the following weeks.

I can't help but think what would happen if Valve's Source engine was used to recreate the gameplay of Syndicate. Someone, please, make it happen.