Instant Classic - back when I was in school

User Rating: 9.9 | Syndicate PC
I am writing this review with more than a hint of nostalgia. The score reflects what it was back then. Now releasing a game like that would get poor scores. This game to me had it all. Cyborgs, squad based managment, great weapons and a choice of how the mission was to be completed, although I just end up killing everthing there was. The game is played in real time, allowing you to control 4 squad members, either all at the same time or seperately. You could just give them a standing order and leave then, and they would do it - great.

Research was integral - both with new wepaons and body parts for your cyborgs. The game was played out initially on a world map, cut into countries, each coresponding to a mission. You had the choice of what mission to take, although the easier themission, the less that country would give you per turn. You could increase the amount a country would give you by increasing the tax on it, but it had a chance it would revert and you owuld have to play the mission over again to secure it again. This lead to some unrealistic situations like assasinating someone again. Overall this is a great game, but wiull be hard to get running on today's computers.