A great idea for a great game... but not this one.

User Rating: 5.8 | Syndicate SNES
Syndicate takes place in the not-to-distant future as mafia/corporations vie for control of the world. Your job is to execute orders to overtake global regions through assasinations, persuasions, and good ol' shooting sprees. The aura that the initial interface projects is cool. Post-apocolyptic futures with tyranical corporate bosses dominating the world is certainly an intruiging start. Unfortunately, the game play itself doesn't reflect this interesting story. Playing the game is simply a matter of moving your characters around, firing a gun, and moving and firing etc. Its really boring and takes no skill at all. This is one of the biggest let downs for a game i've had. There is just no translation of the idea/world/narrative of the game to the gameplay. Yes you can research different weapons, but none of them are that great. The game itself is pretty easy and no map requires more than 3 tries, most take only 1. And not only is the game play boring, but even when you win the game, there is no final sequence, only adding to the feeling i've been having that playing this game is not unlike the hampster wheel. Spining but for no real purpose. If only.... if only the game had some rpg type interaction with the other factions or characters... if only you could manage your kingdom... if only you could manage your corporation... if only. but no