Absolutely the best of its kind, sadly unknown to the general population

User Rating: 9 | Syndicate PC
Syndicate puts you into the place of a executive to a vigilante kind of company that control a 4 at a time team of cybernetically enhanced "agents", they pretty much do your dirty work.

in our near future everyone has a kind of chip in them that makes them live in a dream world of thier own (a paradise for the mind) as they walk around doing normal day things. The syndicate agents all over the world are vying for the control of the public via mass domination, the only thing stopping them is eachother, which is where you come in. Being the new executive to a remote small syndicate agency in europe its you job to take over the world.

a very long game, if you dont know what your doing........... but still fun to play and to mess around in and if possible cool for multiplayer as well.

system specs arent usually a problem becacause of the era it came in but its incompatability with soundsystems causes it to crash on mose modern computers and shut down, if you have the bug worked out then your sweet.