Beautiful graphics, great story, puzzles lacking.

User Rating: 7 | Syberia PC
I am an avid gamer and have played hundreds of games. All genres, everything from blockbuster games to the little independent games that nobody has heard of. With that said, this is the first game I have ever reviewed. I felt compelled after reading several reviews here of Syberia and then purchasing the game and playing it, thinking I was about to play a puzzle adventure game. I am still wondering where the puzzles in the game were.

I recall a total of two puzzles, the first was building Oscar's feet and the second was mixing a drink for the opera singer. Everything else was basically move from area to area and click on things until you picked something up or moved something, to make something else happen in another part of the game. I do not consider those puzzles.

Listen, the graphics were gorgeous, even by today's standards. The story, was very cool. The cut-scenes were fun to watch. The characters were mostly interesting and made me want to know more about them, especially Kate. The game nailed all those aspects and because of that the game was fun to play.

But the "puzzles" were non existent. This is not a puzzle game, it is an interactive story. If you want to play a true adventure puzzle game, play Machinarium. That game knows how to do puzzles.

My wife and I played Syberia together and both thought there could have been so much more done for puzzles. For example, in Barrockstadt, in the town square there was a small bandstand that required you to place an egg on a scale in order for a door to open.

To get this egg it was a simple matter of talking to people, moving through areas and clicking on things until you were able to get the egg and place it on the scale. The door opens and you have to climb down into the belly of the bandstand, very mysterious and exciting.....except once your down there, you pull a lever and that's it. Excitement and mystery over, all that to just pull a lever. A puzzle right there would have been perfect.

That is how most of the game goes, move from here to there and pull a lever or push a button or pick something up and put it in something else. For me at least, I was very disappointed in that aspect of the game.

But, the rest of the game was so good, that I will say, it was still worth it and when it was all said and done, my wife and I enjoyed the game. But, not enough that we will buy Syberia two and play it.