Do you wanna a real adventure? Then try this one. It's folded into a mystic story with mystic places and machines!

User Rating: 9 | Syberia PC
The game has a true masterpiece story. It's all about those automotons and mysterious Hans Voralberg who develops those and other winding (technology) machines. All form simple mechanisms to those sophisticated ones, like the locomotive, factory conveyor belt etc. All the places has it's charm, they impress someone to his deepest heart.
All characters in the game are really interesting. Sometimes it's a bit funny because almost all of them have stereotype personalities. But the most interesting is the main character because unlike in other adventure game it change it's opinion about it's work and other things trough the flow of the game.

+ Great story
+ Awesome environment
+ Good graphic
+ Simple menus and gameplay
+ Logical riddles

- Too much running around
- The move form one place to another could be faster then only a running character
- Too short

My tip: All those who like games like "Broken Sword" series or "Beneath a Steel Sky" should give this one a try ^.^