Excellent game for novice adventure gamers!

User Rating: 8.5 | Syberia PC
Syberia is more of a cinematic game than an interactive game. Adventure gamers will love this one, it truly brings the genre into perspective in a time where it is dying. It is a beautiful setting, a beautiful story and a present atmosphere throughout. This kind of storytelling and experience is found nowhere else but in the adventure game. Rarely do any action filled FPSs or overhead strategy titles achieve this. Syberia passes, with flying colors.

As mentioned the story and setting is exceptional. There are times where you might have to stretch credibility but for the most part it is very involving and delightful to watch. The game is a 3rd person adventure rather than a 1st person adventure. Therefore you feel more as if you are controlling the character rather than being the character, which most 1st person adventures fulfill. This is also in part due to Kate Walker's personality which is played up a lot through the game, through things like phone calls. I found these phone calls and melodrama a bit unnecessary, but it hardly pulls you away from the game too much.

The puzzles are easy for an average adventure gamer. A newbie to the genre or just a casual fan picking up the game because it looks good won't find it as hard as certain other games in this group. There are moments which are tedious, and it isn't helped by the fact that walking from place to place again and again isn't that fun in Syberia's locations because for the most part they are static with some atmospheric movement, and it feels like a burden. However, when first moving around the locations you will feel very amazed at the setting. There are also a lot of amusing moments between characters and Kate Walker.

In conclusion, I would reccomend Syberia to pretty much anyone. It's not too hard, and not too easy, the story is very well done, as is the setting and atmosphere. It brings the adventure genre another gem to add to it's collection. Highly reccomended with 4 stars.