Much worse on the DS.

User Rating: 5.5 | Syberia DS
Don't get me wrong, Syberia is a decent PC game, but the one reason I hate it, is because of the play control. The play control for Tunguska: Secret Files on the DS is what I expected, where it shows you all the hot*spots. I know on the PC you have to move the pointer over and wait for it to light up or turn to a hand. On the DS you have to push an eye icon down and then drag it all over the screen to find the hot spots, and even then they aren't accurate.

What's worse is, that this isn't 100% like the PC version. They've taken some stuff out or even moved it around.

The graphics are not that great, but fairly decent. You still get to see a lot of the movies/cut-scenes.

The sound however is horrendous! There's hardly any sound effects, and the music is louder blocking out what little sound effects there are. The only decent sound is in the cut scenes.

It's an okay game, but I paid $20 for it on the DS and only $10 on the PC. If you still want it that bad, wait until it goes down in price.