Highly underrated, knocking games like Hotel Dusk into the shadows.

User Rating: 8 | Syberia DS
To me this game is highly underrated and that seems to be solely because people keep comparing it to its counterparts on other platforms, which is silly really. The DS is designed to be a hand-held device that you can play anywhere – in the car, at work, in bed when you can't sleep (although I suggest snuggling up under the bedclothes so as not to wake the other half). It is not equipped with large screens and joysticks, so comparing it to bigger, less portable devices is quite simply not fair. So, let's judge it on the platform it is on – the DS platform.
So what did I find so good about it? Well, to be frank, it's actually brilliant knocking other games of the same genre into the shadows. Hotel Dusk for instance was more like reading a book than playing a game and I felt compelled to play it to the end because I'd paid £25 for it. This game I played for sheer joy. It was challenging in such a way that suddenly you'd think "oh, hang on a minute I saw one of those earlier" or "I bet I know what I need for this and I bet I know where to find it". It was truly a mystery with the pieces slotting together bit by bit and I have thoroughly enjoyed playing it.
Now to the criticism. Well the background music is dire. Before you do anything else, mute the music, unless of course you want to listen to a funeral dirge for the next ten hours or so. Other than that you do occasionally have to be a little insistent that you want to put that cog there or whatever but I can forgive it that, the game having entertained me so well. So yes, do buy and do enjoy!