This game dosen't seem like much at first, but Syberia is actually a really fun puzzle game.

User Rating: 8 | Syberia PC
Syberia is an adventure game made for people who love puzzling games that require thinking and logic. The story is pretty good, the puzzles are alright, the graphics are average, there's great sound, and it's generally a fun game.

Syberia has a story that starts out slow, but eventually becomes very interesting. You start the game as Kate, a lawyer, who is in a little french villiage on business. While trying to finish her business and return home, she is sucked into a plot that is actually pretty well thought out.

The puzzles in the game are not the toughest or most complex I've ever seen, but they are organic. For example, you won't randomly find some crazy chinese puzzle box in the middle of an old european factory. All of the puzzles fit in with the story really well and actually use common sense. Some puzzle games I've played have impossible puzzles stuck randomly in the story and the game suffers because of that. Syberia had done the best job I've seen in creating puzzles that make sense.

The story is told with Kate talking to people and with cutscenes. The graphics are pretty old since the game was made back in 2002, but they're okay. The only glitch I found was that if you minimize the game while playing it and then restore it, parts of the screen go black and some of Kate's mouth disappears. Eventually the glitch corrects itself. No big deal, but something to comment upon.

The sound is much better than the graphics are and the voice acting is really good. Even when people call on the phone, the game stays interesting since the characters seem so real simply by hearing their voices.

Syberia is an interesting and fun game that has average graphics, great sound, and a good story with organic puzzles. Any fan of adventure or puzzle games would enjoy this game. I would not recommend this game for people who hate dialogue or have to have action sequences to keep them intersted. Syberia is altogether fun and interesting once you get into it.