Interesting fun game with some of the best thought out puzzles i have ever seen

User Rating: 9.5 | Syberia PC
Syberia is like an interactive movie although the story itself might not be Hollywood blockbuster material the atmosphere that the game gives off is more than enough to make up for it. Syberia is like no other game I have played before, it does not feature big boss fights, guns, ninjas or any action at all actually. The thought of a game that doesn't contain any of that seems stupid and would be enough to turn pretty much anyone off wanting to play it which is a shame really because I really enjoyed playing this game.

The beginning of the game is set in a small French village called Valadilene. The village is small and there isn't much too it. The village is build around the toy factory which is the reason Kate has been sent there. She has been sent there to close a deal for the selling of the factory but things do not turn out as she expects and this is the beginning of the story.

The game isn't too long but due to the fact that a lot of the puzzles are very tricky to solve it can take you quite some time to complete. The puzzles of the game are very well done. Some are difficult and others are so simple that you will be kicking yourself when you finally figure it out. The game requires you to have a good memory because unlike most games that would simply give you the code for a door at some stage and you put it down on a piece of paper to save having to remember it, in Syberia it's a puzzle in itself as things that you came across earlier in the game which seemed to have little importance are now what you need to progress any further in the game. This can sometimes be annoying as it requires you to travel back through a lot of the game to places you have already been to collect something or to hunt for an item that you missed that could be randomly lying on the floor. Other than that the puzzles in the game are pretty solid and well thought out and the biggest challenge of all is beating the game without a guide on how to complete some parts.

The controls are as basic as you can get simply point and click. Now this works just fine click once on an area and Kate will walk to it, twice and she will run. Clicking on an item will make her pick it up or interact with whatever it is. They work perfectly but at times I couldn't help but think would the game be better if you could actually control Kate's movements like you would in a normal game. Now and then I found that you would be trying to get Kate to walk somewhere and by accident click the door and she would run to it and walk out and you would have to walk back in but its only a minor annoyance.

Luckily load screens don't appear too often in this game and It runs quite smoothly. Mainly due to the fact that the games background is simply a picture that does not move or change in any way. This is good and bad. Its good in the way that it makes the game look very nice without requiring top of the line pc hardware but it also makes Kate and all other characters that move look very out of place at times. The other problem which effected me and will effect most people using modern monitors is that the game can not run in higher resolutions. The reason is that since the game uses images for the background rather than using 3d maps like most games the image is set to whatever resolution. It would have been possible to make the game in higher resolutions but this would mean the game would have been very large because it would have had 3 or 4 copies of the same image just in different resolutions. So playing this game on a large widescreen monitor was a bit annoying.

The story ended with room for a second game which was released 2 years after the first and continued from where the story of the first left off. In a way I'm glad there is more to play but I also think that they should have left it there. The game left me with great memories and I had so much fun. I do feel the story was cut a little short and could have been expanded a lot but the fact that it was short and contained just what it needed to progress could have been what made it so brilliant and stopped you from getting bored.

Overall Syberia is a brilliant game and even now 7 years after its release it still holds up well and is a very enjoyable game that can rival many of the games being released now. This game is worth a play for all pc owners and can most likely be gotten for very cheap now so its well worth picking up