An eerie yet captivating classic adventure game with pretty graphics and slick cinematics.

User Rating: 8.5 | Syberia PC
Syberia can be considered a masterpiece collection to fellow adventure gamers given its slick production values including great-looking graphics and a stunning soundtrack, not forgetting its appealing storyline which is a must-have feature for the classic adventure genre. Also, the female lead here is a cool chick to look at.

The gameplay resembles the style of The Longest Journey which should be in the comfort zone of experienced adventure gamers. But Syberia is a wholly unique experience given its quaint set design and memorably haunting story. Well, if you find yourself trapped in a deserted Russian town and having to solve puzzles given by clockwork automatons to get the hell out of there, you know you're in for a serious adventure, and an eerie one indeed. Cos the town is full of intricately animated details from subtle automaton loop movements to the occasional swaying flowers by the sidewalk to background water ripples by the lake. The details are just amazing!

But again, when you have such a detailed backdrop to awe us players, you would expect to watch your character travel along these places over and over. Yes, solving puzzles in Syberia does force you to walk back and forth between stretches of the same locations but I believe the veteran adventure gamer would already be prepared for that. And if you can look past that, it's still an adventure classic.