My first point and click. A wonderful game.

User Rating: 9 | Syberia PC

I never thought a while ago I would love a point and click adventure game because they were too slow and because I love action games. But I bought the two Syberia games on Steam and I said to myself let's give it a try. Especially when I heard and read Syberia was a true masterpiece of adventure point-and-click games.

I won't bother you with the plot details (which is its strong point of the game) and I shall tell you something on the gameplay. It's simple, you point and click in order to progress. There are incongruities (some too difficult puzzles, I thought they were). The dialogue and the voices are gorgeous. it's truly like a novel. You have to have a good level of English in order to understand the lines. The characters who people the game are interesting and weird all along. A true deep game.

Can't wait to start Syberia II.