A movie-like adventure game that will touch every nerve in your body and leave you satisfied.

User Rating: 8.5 | Syberia PC
This game is a true example of why the lovers of the adventure genre are just that...the lovers of the adventure genre. Syberia is simply a visually and storiwise spectacular game that leaves you (almost) teary-eyed at the end and touches you on so many emotional levels it can actually change who you are as a person.

The character you are playing (and eventually fall in love with) is Kate Walker, a young and ambitious lawyer, who is sent to the city of Valadilene, situated somewhere among the French Alps. She is sent on behalf of a legal company who want her to tie up a sale of an automaton factory to an american magnate company Toys inc. When Kate arrives to Valadilene she discovers that the owner of the automaton company, Anna Voralberg, has just died which doesn't actually change anything, since their is no heir. But wait, here comes the troubling part....an heir actually exists... Anna's younger brother Hans, who had an accident when he was 10 and has been mentaly challenged ever since, obsessed with finding living mammoths on a misterious island of Syberia. And so the journey begins.

The puzzles in this game are simply put...OK. They aren't anything special, sometimes rather ilogical, which makes the game harder than it actually should be. The only real bother is the fact that the ending is very rushed. It's not that you might think it's rushed, it's so painfully obvious that it almost ruins the game a bit. At the end there is the only scare for Kate's life and how does she dodge it? She walks out of the facility. It's ridiculous.

Fortunately, the base of the game is somewhere else: in it's story and in it's athmospere. Syberia really gives you that melancholic and "missing the old days" feel, but on the same note gives you a boost that everything is not just about having a job, having a partner, being punctual, having good relations with friends....sometimes you just need an adventure and Syberia is just that: one of the best adventures put into a computer game ever. Take the adventure of Kate Walker and trust me: you will soon want to take an adventure of your own!