User Rating: 8.3 | Syberia XBOX
This is a wonderful old-school graphical adventure game with a very charming story and a great buy for only $20. You play as Kate Walker, and you really find yourself connecting with your character and her situation, and it was a great time traveling along with her and seeing what was going to happen next. They really did a good job of making the story come to life, and not seem like some cold dead world as what happens sometimes in these type of games. The graphics while basically just 2D backgrounds with your 3D character walking around, are simply wonderful. The locations depicted really stick in your mind, as well as all the attention to details. I even found myself daydreaming about the different locations when I wasn't playing the game. The Sound is minimal but very effective, you learn to really enjoy the musical score that kicks in whenever you do something that moves the plot along. I'm usually not very good at these type of games, but the puzzles in this game were pretty straightforward enough that I only had to look at the FAQ a few times to give me a push along - usually because I simply overlooked the obvious. (Such as one time a guy was standing right next to me and I didn't even notice him!) I guess my only complaint was the somewhat clunky controls. I understand the original PC version was simple point and click, but this Xbox port makes you move the character around with the joysticks and while it sounds better, the game was not really designed for that, and it just seems clunky, like they should have given it a few more weeks of tweaking. For instance Kate has a VERY frustrating habit of doing a 180 for no reason each time a new screen loads so you always have to turn her around or risk running back to the screen you just came from. How did they miss that in Q/A? My only other complaint was it seemed like the ending was cut short - she never even gets to the titled "Syberia". I wasn't really expecting it to end when it did, and how it was handled made it seem like the developers ran out of time (money?) and tacked on some quickie ending, of course hinting at a part 2 to follow. In all, it probably only took me 15 hours to complete, and I was going slow. But to balance those negatives are a very big positive for me, they allow you to save anywhere at anytime and as often as you wish. And the loading time takes under 1 second. I did not have any Bugs - but I do understand there is one known situation where your character will not leave the room to get an item she is missing, she keeps turning around and going back, forcing you to reload a previous save. But I didn't trigger that because I already had the correct item at the time. In Summary - a great game with a wonderful story - just make sure you know what you are buying, this is NOT a speed thru, shoot everything action game! This is a go at your own leisurely paced game where you stop and look at the pretty graphics and soak in the story type game. Here is hopeing that the hinted at Part 2 comes out for the Xbox soon!