Either way I was happy it was over.

User Rating: 3.9 | SX Superstar GC
This game showed a lot of promise offering 20 tracks, 24 riders and 12 bikes but I mean god 3 game modes! That’s bull. This is all before I even put it in the machine… Imagine the horrible amount of pain I felt when I started playing being the tough critic that I am.

First of all this game is ugly. Bad frame rate running spotty graphics just left me unimpressed. Then I started racing and it seriously felt like a group of mentally challenged people all hopped on dirt bikes and didn’t like me cause I took their stuffed animal. Bodies started flying everywhere and they started zooming off track, which made the game really easy for me.

The sound is where this game gets what little credit it deserves. But when the hard rock kicks in and your struggling to turn left (which you will as the controls are uber stiff) you just want to go on a murderous rampage burning countless of people with long matches.

So to summarize, the AI is retarded, the graphics belong sunk at the bottom of my toilet with a few turds and the whole experience ended quite quickly probably cause it only has 3 game modes! Either way I was happy it was over.