This game is great for what it is

User Rating: 9.5 | Swords & Soldiers WII
S+S is a RTS game (WiiWare) that wii owners can download through the WiiShop channel.

I downloaded the game yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised with how fun it is. When the game first starts you can choose to start the campaign, play a skirmish match, play multiplayer, or complete challenges.

I decided to test it out by playing a skirmish match. You can choose between 3 factions: The Vikings, the Aztec, and the Chinese. As you'll notice, the graphics for the game are very cartoonish and very fun to look at. The sounds are also very funny and quite entertaining. Anyways, on to the gameplay. It's basically a side-scrolling RTS wherein you have a base building at the beginning from which you can upgrade and produce different units. There's also a goldmine by your base so you can build as many miners as you see fit.

The challenge of the game is all about the timing. Different units take different amounts of time to finish and vary in speed. You can have a significant advantage over your enemy if you churn units out faster, pushing him back towards his base similar to "tug of war". Obviously the goal of the game is to destroy your enemy's home base building.

You have 2 resources: gold and mana. You can research different spells to help you or hurt your enemy and the better spells cost more mana. A big downfall of the game is the fact that it sometimes gets too cluttered with units. You aren't able to cast spells on specific units at times because they overlap eachother and there are so many of them. If you can get past that, you can enjoy the utter madness of the matches.

Other than that, I believe that S+S is great for what it is: a smaller, entertaining game that doesn't cost a lot of wii points. S+S gives you a great experience if you like the RTS genre, although it sometimes deviates from the RTS type in some ways.

For a simple game, Swords and Soldiers has a lot to it. Its fun/simple gameplay and hilarious sounds are enough to want me to keep playing. Just make sure you have a friend to play with after you beat the campaign and challenges, because the multiplayer is also very chaotic.