Dont bet your time on this.

User Rating: 3 | Sword of the New World: Granado Espada PC
All flair but no substance... I remember playing this many years back through a reccomendation by a relative, and after a week or so of playing, I got bored. The game had little variety, nothing novel. All I did when I played was to just leave it on patrol and leave for school and check back later if they were still standing.
I was at first impressed with the visuals. The outfits were nice (a bit of that fetish dabbed onto it)... But grossly limited by the look of it. Leveling was in the exponential meter, I notice this in Korean games, I don't know why but grinding was tedious. The quests were not rewarding and finally, the hype this game gave me a lot of wasted time. The gameplay was bland to my tastes no advanced form of team manipulation whatsoever. Oh well, better go back to RTS and Sandboxes until a better online game with without the stuff I mentioned comes up, and I will consider playing...