Damn good game,you have to pick it up(Or Download it) xD! its great. Great Skills,awesome graphics and more

User Rating: 8.5 | Sword of the New World: Granado Espada PC
Its pretty good for a point to click,i usually wont touch a point and click game. But the skills are easy to use and its a very tactical game. Music is way awesome. I brining something new:being able to control 3 characters at one time. Making a Character Combination very tricky.

The basic classes are Musketter(Being able to shoot fast with pistols,dual pistols faster but with lower
hit rates or Can use rifles to shoot from long range and VERY powerful but have long delays) Wizard(Doesn't use elemenental attacks but are very strong in PVP),Elemental(Always have advantage over all types of monster,best to use in PVE;monster battles.Leveling up all your skills equally is great so you're never at a disadvantage when you dont have spell to counter),Scout(They can use daggers and Heal your party members. They are really good at offensive in the higher levels 40+,bassically a cleric class).Warrior character(They can use katanas and other sword like weaponry.In the higher levels 50+ they can dual wield a Sword and Pistol!). It gives a good set of classes.

Its a bit hard,the quests are the best i've seen in a mmorpg. Such as going to a single player deugon to fight GAIGANTIC MONSTERS. Sometimes you'll to party up for these duegons. Its pretty grindy when you get to level 21. if you have Musketteer,Musketter,and Scout its bit easier but you waste alot fo money on bullets that way. Overall it's a great game. Gamespot was wrong about this cool cat.