Honestly cannot believe all of these negative reviews!

User Rating: 10 | Sword of the New World: Granado Espada PC
But to each their own right?
Well in any case, I've done my fair share of online gaming, and let me tell you, there are only a handful of games that I have enjoyed, and this game definitely is on the list!
I'm sure that a lot of people would say that ''the graphics are good but that's about it'' But I honestly cannot see how they can say that! I mean, yes, the graphics are superb for a F2P game. but there is so much more!!! Especially after the recent updates it has received.

This game has the largest variety of characters to play then any other Online Game that I have played, and believe me, I have tried out a LOT! You may only start off at a possible of 5 classes to choose from (with gender choosing, and face types) The classes are, Fighter: an all round fighter with many stances to choose from and above average in most stats. (Stances are easy to use, basically you pick a 'Stance' and a new variety of skills and attacks are there to choose from. With the Fighter there are around 20 stances to choose from.) Other classes consist of: Musketeer (Long-range and powerful attacks), Mage, (magical defensive abilities as well as offensive, buffer) Scout, (Healer, buffer and uses daggers) and the Elementalist (Aoe attacker, Highly resistant against elemental attacks. Considered the 'Glass cannon'.)

But like I said, this game has the largest variety of characters and classes to choose from, and what I mean by that is; during your pioneering adventure and grinding, you encounter people that you can acquire for your family (UPC's: Unlockable Playable characters) There are around 60 of these characters to unlock, each with their own special abilities and skills.

The music of this game is definitely one of it's high points. It definitely does give off the feeling of wherever you are exploring, whether it's the towns, or your outdoor adventuring, ranging from lush, wilderness greenery, to snowy landscapes, to dark and mysterious dungeons and corridors. And with the choice to choose what track you wish to play (there are a variety of tracks to play in each location) it just makes things a little bit nicer to play.

The community itself is amazing! everyone there is amazingly friendly, and the GM's are always willing to help or support other characters, whether due to questions regarding on how to play, or technical issues the players are having.

There is also a cash shop with a range of amazing items to but and more often then not there is a sale on most items, so if you are willing to part with some cash, then go for it!

All in all, a fantastic masterpiece of a game, I seriously recommend you play or at least try out, right now!

Thanks for reading, and Happy Pioneering! :)