Holy cow the graphics are great man! but then you realise thats all there is..

User Rating: 1.5 | Sword of the New World: Granado Espada PC
Yes worth playing if your mentally unstable and craving cocaine.
Well.. after being peer pressured into playing the game, i started it up the game was certainly pretty for about twenty minutes. Then i came to the revelation that the people who voted this for 2006 best mmo then i forgot to say that every damn character looks the DAMN same whilst when you get up to level 20 and you still wear the same frigging armor. Seriously though if you think of playing this game you will gate yourself for wasting that time. And of course don't let me forget the fighting in the game literally is unrewarding and retardly repetitive as you can 'patrol' as you CTRL+SPACE+CLICK where you want to stand and atk, woah sounds fun doesn't it. I am pretty sure an illiterate, crippled blind and deaf person can clearly understand how painful this game is to listen, look and PLAY, please do not play this game, if you do not agree with this review then you must also have the above listed problems