Sword of Mana Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Black Enemies

    By killing 1000 of the same variety of monster (eg: Kill 1000 Rabites), you will permanently replace that monster with a new, Black version of it. The Black versions of monsters are a lot stronger and tougher than their regular counter-parts, but have a relatively good chance of dropping Crystal Ores which can be used for forging. When a monster turns black it'll get +500 HP and +100 on the other stats

    Contributed by: Hawk Eye 

  2. Easy Weapon/Magic Levels

    Even if you do 0 damage, the game will still allow you to raise your weapon/magic levels. To raise a weapon/magic level easily, find an enemy that is invulnerable to the type of damage the weapon or magic causes (The Popoi's Notebook in the ring menu has information about this). Repeatedly hit it. Your weapon/magic level will raise as though you are causing damage.

    Contributed by: Pervan 

  3. Hit Twice With Bow!

    This glitch may be hard at first, but after a while it will come naturally. Just equip the Bow and get very close to whatever you want to attack, then attack. If done correctly, it should hit the enemy twice, once when it was being pulled into the Bow, and again when it was released!

    Contributed by: SlashingWolf 

  4. Chocobo Scene

    To see a brief sequence involving a chocobo, wait five minutes after the ''Fin'' screen appears when you complete the game. After the scene, the game will go back to the title screen.

    Contributed by: Pervan 

  5. Niccolo's Secret Items

    The wandering salesman Niccolo sells more than just regular items and his two special accessories. After you have made 251 separate purchases--you must exit from the purchase screen and reenter to make it a separate purchase--he will open up a new area in his ring called ''Special.'' Here you can buy forging material (i.e. woods, irons, etc.) and more accessories.

    Contributed by: lance17 

  6. level up spirits fast

    Every time you deal damage to a creature (even 0) you momentaraly stun them and you gain magic Exp. durring that stun time you cannot hurt them, so even if you are using the Knucks to cast spells you can only hurt them 3 times max. But that doesn't happen with bosses, so fell free to abuse them with magic that they are immune to and watch how fast your level increases!

    Contributed by: Gongamuffin 

  7. Trading Amigos

    Trade Amigos with friends to unlock these rare, one-of-a-kind items. The items can only be used once a day in game-time. The Amigo Flute item powers up as you add Amigos. This is the only way to obtain these items.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    1 Amigo Amigo Flute
    75 Amigos Gaia Card
    100 Amigos Matilda Card
    50 Amigos Olbohn Card
    10 Amigos Pokiehl Card
    30 Amigos Rosiotti Card
    5 Amigos Selva Card
    15 Amigos Tote Card

    Contributed by: Hawk Eye 

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