Although it sounds a bit lacklustre on paper, Switchball is an elegant and relaxing Live Arcade release.

User Rating: 8.5 | Switchball X360
Switchball is a 3D puzzler that requires you to guide a ball of varying properties through levels to a finish point. Each level has a sequence of small puzzles, the solutions to which are relatively easy to find and occasionally taxing to execute. The game difficulty is upped, however, when competing against the clock for medals. Some levels contain hidden paths, and finding and utilising these is a satisfying challenge. Crucially, for a game of this type, the physics feel solid and natural. Despite some screen tearing, Switchball looks great. The lighting and textures are above what I'd expect from an arcade game. The music is middling, but placid, and the sound effects are clean and non-obtrusive. On the downside, the leaderboards are currently unresponsive, unintuitive and buggy. Overall, aside from some occasional frustration, this game is a relaxing experience and exactly what I look to play inbetween manic FPS action. 800 points well spent.